What is a Base Wig?

Why would I use Base Wig?

Our Base Wigs are a hit! For the everyday woman or the full-time glam artist, our base wigs give you the full versatile look you've always wanted. 

With lace front and full lace options, you choose how you'd like to style yours. Style it, wash it, cut it and repeat, over and over again. You can even colour it or at length with bundles or clip-ins later. Achieve any style you want with this base. 


What is a Base Wig?

It's a beautifully constructed machine sewn wig with your choice of custom options like clips, an adjustable strap & frontal strap. Perfect for everyday or special occasion, consider the Base Wig the perfect go-to!

What's the difference between a lace front & full lace?

The lace is the part of the wig that looks like natural growth. Hairs are hand-tied to the lace, to give the appearance of natural growth.

On a lace front wig, this would be a 13x4 inch section across the front of the wig. It gives you the flexibility to part it anywhere along the hairline. The rest of the wig is filled in with regular hair extensions wefts. There's also a small piece of lace in the back if for a natural neckline when putting it up in a ponytail.

With a full lace wig, the entire wig is constructed with lace. This gives you complete freedom in choosing your hairstyles as you can part it all the way down the middle or french braid it if you really wanted to. The wig customization options are the same for a full lace. 


How long will it last? 

The great thing about a wig is that you can take it off when you feel like it ;). I'm still rockin' a wig I made 3 years ago.  With proper care, you can expect 1-2 years from one of our Base Wig collection. Be gentle with the pressure you put on your lace and your wig will be a girlfriend of yours for a long time to come.

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